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5 piece bunch of gays and theys from the UK with an attitude problem. 

You have been warned. 

Bitchin' Hour is the South East of England's answer to the question: 'Huuuh!?!'. Leonie Wilson leads this witch-rock concussion on vocals with a range that some commentators have called scientifically improbable. Joining bass player and noir movie heroine, Lara Mason; ginger guitar tree Becky Bird; drummer slash registered thunderstorm, Beth Lock and the relentlessly young and talented Megan Jenkins. 


Formed in the 2020 post-lockdown hellscape, Bitchin' Hour have recently been voted 'LEAST LIKELY TO HAVE REAL JOBS.' by Uptight Karens Magazine. 


If you like loud, if you like to rock and if you don't need to operate heavy machinery for work, BH are your absolute dream band. Or as Trading Standards have recommended we say: absolute nightmare.

"If you like your music female-fronted, sided and backed, then you need to jump on this IMMEDIATELY " - Ethan Lawrence - Actor
"Deliciously down and dirty rock and wouldn't want to mess with them, would you?!" Melita Dennett -BBC Introducing DJ 

Leonie Wilson - Vocals - They/Them

Leonie could hold a note before they could talk. They are classically trained and has performed at the NEC Arena and the Victoria in London. They have been known to perform in all weathers - wind, and rain. They run a blog about mental health, witchcraft, and alternative lifestyles called 'leelooley' along with thier twitch streams of the same name. The two loves of their life are their fellow dreamboats in Bitchin' Hour and their wee pup, Gimli.



Beth Lock - Drums - She/They 

Beth is a powerhouse - if she's not drumming with Blood Buzzards, managing several artists under Kiss of Beths Management or reviewing artists, she still finds time to present badass new music on B More With Us Radio. With her double black belt, Beth puts the dropkick in kick snare kick kick snare. 


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Becky Bird - Guitars - She/Her

Bird brings nearly sixteen years of guitar experience to Bitchin' Hour's sound - described as 'relentlessly fuzzy'. She is a published poet, with her debut book 'Shrinking Ultraviolet' published in 2017. Bird gets lost quite a lot - the most common rehearsal phrase being 'Where's Bird?' and she is still the band's designated tour bus driver despite this.



Lara Mason - Bass - They/Them

Heck! Producing ethereal organic music under Elleodin, Lara brings the atmospheric groove to Bitchin' Hour. they founded Aviary Bridge Records and have been actively involved in the careers of over 50 artists. Lara is the most wholesome member of the outfit and ancient prophecies have dictated that they will never ever swear. 



Megan Jenkins - Guitars - She/Her

Meg is the newest addition to Bitchin' Hour! we fell in love with meg watching her rock out as front woman of her other band Idle Minds and just knew she was one of us. On top of being a musical powerhouse Meg is also a kick ass photographer specialising in live music photography. Did you think meg was done? oh no, she also writes for distyorted sounds magazine and musipedia of metal!




PRODUCTION - Ben Upton - Rustic Productions

SPACE - Spiral Studios, Silent hill studios & Bypass studios

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