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UK hard rock band from the south east

Glitter makes the breakdowns slap harder

UK hard rock band from the South East Bitchin’ Hour return in their new form with the addition of a  Bitchin’ Boy! Still just as gay and still as in your face, Bitchin’ Hour stands for LGBTQ+ rights, witchy shit and the right for everyone to feel safe no matter where they are.

Taking things down a heavier road, Bitchin’ Hour are out to prove that glitter makes the breakdowns slap harder


If you like loud, if you like to rock and if you don't need to operate heavy machinery for work, BH are your absolute dream band. Or as Trading Standards have recommended we say: absolute nightmare.

Awards -

Best rock/metal band - Loungbar Alton - 2022

Best rock/metal band - Loungbar Alton - 2023

"If you like your music female-fronted, sided and backed, then you need to jump on this IMMEDIATELY " - Ethan Lawrence - Actor
"Deliciously down and dirty rock and wouldn't want to mess with them, would you?!" Melita Dennett -BBC Introducing DJ 

Leonie Wilson - Vocals - They/Them

THAT bitch has entered the chat. Leonie has been singing since before they could talk (acording to their very proud parents) and continued to get louder and louder every waking day. A self professed 'gremlin of all trades', outside of blowing the roof of venues with BH they can be found working away as an illustrator, social media manager, web designer and twitch streamer to name a few. They are also a professional dog bed for their miniture dachshund Gimli.


Leonie -Bitchin' Hour 2023 promo - photo taken by scott chalmers

Feeney - Lead Guitar - He/Him

We needed a stand in guitarist for a gig once. And he just hasn’t left. Feeney fit perfectly from the get go with Bitchin’ Hour’s LGBTQ+ stance and is a strong ally for the community. Bringing a darker and heavier tone to the band, Feeney has been a driving force behind some of bands newer pieces of work and continues to be a loved and strong addition to the Bitchin’ Hour brand. His dad jokes are terrible.

Feeney - Bitchin' Hour 2023 promo - photo taken by scott chalmers

Beth Lock - Drums - She/They 

Beth is a powerhouse - if she's not doing some sort of DIY on her broken house, you’ll find her trying to fit her drum kit and our absurdly large merch box into the boot of their car. Having the largest car in the band, Beth has well and truly gained the title of “worst and only driver of the Bitchin’ Hour tour bus.”

Drumming for 21 years Beth no longer gives a shit and plays what makes her happy. We also regret giving them a mic on stage.


Beth - Bitchin' Hour 2023 promo - photo taken by scott chalmers
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