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"Bitchin' Hour is a band with a heart of gold and a passion for brave lyrics. Their music reflects a deep commitment to addressing important societal issues, and their vocalist's powerful delivery gives life to these meaningful messages. Beyond their talent, what truly sets them apart is their unwavering work ethic. They're a hardworking group that consistently puts in the effort to create music that resonates on both an emotional and intellectual level, making them a standout act in today's music scene." Catherine Jackson-Smith - Venue owner and owner of Radar festival
"Deliciously down and dirty rock and wouldn't want to mess with them, would you?!"
Melita Dennett -BBC Introducing DJ 

"From the first second this track oozes attitude, overflows with blues, and smacks you in the face with a large slap of soul"

Martyn Bewick - Music Producer

(music review from ROCK LYNX magazine)

"If you like your music female-fronted, sided and backed, then you need to jump on this IMMEDIATELY "
Ethan Lawrence - Actor
"Hard hitting, hard rocking 4 piece that certainly know how to own a stage! From incredible vocals that leave you hanging on every syllable, to drums that carry more kick than your Saturday night curry! Bitchin Hour are an absolute joy to work with both on and off the stage! Stream their music, go watch their live show and come out of that venue knowing you just found one of your new favourite bands!" - Rob Campion - Industry photographer


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